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Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Friday, December 11 2009 18:04

We're delighted to see that our comments seem to have attracted some attention at FEMA. Looking through our server logs, I noticed quite a few hits yesterday from a user accessing our site from "mwpoker-1.fema.gov". Strangely enough, they looked at the home page and spent about 5 minutes looking over the pictures of our cats, but didn't go to the Hancher Auditorium comments. Hmm. This wasn't a random hit--the referrer was a Google search for us by name and city. The visitor came back about three hours later for a quick look.

Aren't you glad our Federal taxes are being used in such an effective way? You don't suppose that maybe they should actually be helping people? Naahhh... that would require some actual work.

Anyway, FEMA Person: KC, Lacey, and Callie say hi. They hope you liked their pictures...

UPDATE, 9/10/10: The mysterious FEMA person keeps coming back...I wonder why??? Laughing

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