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Alan and Sharon Kline's website

Alan and Sharon Kline's website

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folder icon 13 Early Radio Magazines
Early radio magazines and publications
folder icon 29 Broadcast Audio clips
A collection of short audio clips from broadcasting's history...we'll be adding more as time allows... For many, many more Central Iowa clips, visit www.desmoinesbroadcasting.com
folder icon 31 Bell System Practices--Broadcast
Back in the Dark Ages (before satellites), radio and television network distribution was done with telephone company circuits. Like everything else it did, the Bell System issued detailed practices (instructions) for handling broadcast network business.
folder icon 11 Broadcast Equipment Manuals
A collection of instruction manuals for various types of radios and broadcasting equipment.
folder icon 10 Patent Documents
A collection of United States patent documents related to early radio and television broadcasting.

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This is a PDF version of a fascinating website which covers the history of the earliest days of BBC Television, from historic Alexandra Palace in London. I was glad that I saved the PDF when the website went down for more than a year. Fortunately, the site has been revived and is back in business.

The first page of the log from the first day of KRNT-TV (now KCCI) operation in 1955.

file icon Radio Act of 1912 05/19/2009

The Radio Act of 1912 was the law that governed the earliest years of the fledgling broadcast industry. Written at a time when radio was primarily ship-to-shore and amateurs, it proved to be woefully inadequate.

file icon Radio Act of 1927 05/19/2009
The Radio Act of 1927 was the next attempt at regulation, after Herbert Hoover's effort, as Secretary of Commerce, to enforce the 1912 act was shot down in the courts. It was better, but still not what was needed.
Just in time for the end of analog television in the US! This book, published in 1943, documents the creation of the NTSC television standard, still in use in the US. Original from www.archive.org; we added the pagination and bookmarks...

An article on the State University of Iowa television center, from the September 1957 issue of "RCA Broadcast News"

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