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Alan and Sharon Kline's website

Alan and Sharon Kline's website

Bay Area

Documents related to railroads--primarily electric lines--operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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A collection of articles published in "California Highways and Public Works" in 1937-39 and 1960, covering the construction and removal of the Bridge Railway facilities on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Pages extracted from full volumes digitized by the Internet Archive.

Employee timetable number 2 of Southern Pacific's subsidiary Interurban Electric Railway. This was issued in March 1939, shortly after the start of rail service on the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.

Map from the Interurban Electric's March 1939 employee timetable.

A public timetable folder for all lines of the Key System, from Oakland and East Bay points to San Francisco via the Bay Bridge. Includes a system map.

System employee timetable of Sacramento Northern predecessor Northern Electric. The NE built and operated the line from Sacramento north to Chico.

Northwestern Pacific interurban employee timetable 61, 2-1940. This timetable covered the electric interurban lines in Marin County, from the Sausalito terminal to San Rafael and Fairfax.

A detailed map covering the NWP's Marin County interurban (electric) lines.

This timetable covered the entire Northwestern Pacific, from the Sausalito and Tiburon ferry terminals to Eureka. Electric interurban service is shown on a separate timetable, also available here.

NWP system map from around 1940, well after abandonment of the narrow-gauge lines along the coast.

SN employee timetable from shortly after the merger of the Northern Electric and Oakland, Antioch and Eastern.

An extract of a page from Electric Railway Journal, which includes the SF Muni's 1914 annual report. Notice that the Muni made a profit in 1914! The original volume--all 100+ megabytes of it--is from www.archive.org.

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