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This is the former archive of the Herky mailing list. Many of the links on this page may be out of date. The page is maintained primarily for whatever historic interest might be here...

So, What The Heck is a Herky, Anyway?

"Herky" is the mailing list for discussion of University of Iowa sports of all kinds, as well as other issues related to UI sports. In addition to Hawkeye football, basketball, wrestling, and so on, topics include media coverage of the teams, occasional comments about other Big 10 teams, the Hawkeye Marching Band, and once in awhile, a comment about the "Coach" TV comedy (The TV coach, "Hayden Fox", was named for our (retired) coach, Hayden Fry. Really!)

Postings can also include tips on how to find arenas and stadiums where the Hawkeyes play away from home.

The name, "Herky", comes from Herky the Hawk, the Iowa mascot.

The Herky mailing list is sponsored by Herky.net. For a little more background on the list, look at the Herky History.

The Usual Disclaimer

While the members of the Herky mailing list are great people, ladies and gentlemen, once in a great, great, while you might see a naughty word pop up in a posting. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Views expressed in Herky postings are those of the signed authors, but quite often reflect the views of the archive maintainer, Alan Kline. They do not represent the views of the employer of any Herky member, Robert Ray or the House Judiciary Committee, the Internal Revenue Service, any Palm Beach County ballot counter, or the population of Inner Mongolia.   Offsite links are subject to change without notice at any time. If you find a broken link on this page, an email would be greatly appreciated. . .

(Some of ) The Best of Herky!

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