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Alan and Sharon Kline's website

Alan and Sharon Kline's website

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Rock Island Lines Historical Overview Print E-mail
Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Wednesday, October 24 2012 16:22

Rock Island "Rocket" drawing

A Brief Historical Overview of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad

What follows is a brief, company-issued history of the Rock Island Lines. It was one of the introductory sections of the "Yard Clerical Manual" issued by the RI around 1970. The manual, from the collection of Alan Kline, was apparently intended to serve as an introduction to the company, as well as to the duties of a yard clerk, and also included a review of the company's geography and route structure.

The history is presented here as it appeared in the Yard Clerical Manual.

Liars and statistics Print E-mail
Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Tuesday, June 07 2011 13:44


Many years ago, in a country far away, a propagandist mastered the concept of the "Big Lie". That is, if you tell the same lie often enough, and loudly enough, people will begin to accept it as fact. That same concept is being practiced today by those who attack passenger rail.

"Faux News" Strikes Again Print E-mail
Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Thursday, February 17 2011 11:24


Once again, we see Fox News, in its never-ending campaign to destroy journalism and a Democratic President, distort and mislead viewers on an issue. This time, it's high-speed rail. They've posted an online "calculator" which purports to compare the cost of the President's HSR proposal against an individual's income.

A Modest Suggestion Print E-mail
Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Tuesday, February 22 2011 20:06


Like many Iowans, I question whether the state's budget crisis is as bad as it seems, considering that we had a surplus before Chet Culver left office. However, saving money with as little pain as possible is always a good thing for government, so here's an idea for Culver's successor, Terry Branstad:

Looking for Tubes? Print E-mail
Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Friday, November 06 2009 13:20

If you're looking for camera tubes or other types of broadcast equipment manuals, they've been moved to our Downloads section. Some others sites haven't updated their links...

Also...we've received several comments asking what a particular tube is worth, or would there be a market for it? Please don't ask these questions! I'm not a dealer, nor am I someone with any kind of crystal ball. I collect what I like and can afford at the time. I just like to pass along links to this often hard-to-find data to help those who are looking... thanks for understanding...

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