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WMT-TV and radio, Cedar Rapids IA
Most of the clips in this category are from WMT-TV's "Dr. Max Show", a children's TV icon for more than 20 years. For more about the show, read our article...

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WMT Radio's "Open Line" has been a staple of Eastern Iowa radio for more than 45 years. This clip of the theme--the same theme all these years--was recorded off-air in Des Moines in 1998 or 1999. If anyone can tell me the name of the record, I'd love to hear from you...
I don't know the actual name of this track. It's something that was used as a "light" background for program segments or bumpers.
Dr. Max closed every program in later years with this signoff..."Take it easy, play it safe, and be careful..."
Dr. Max's famous "Take It Easy" sign-off, followed by the "modern" version of "The Happy Whistler"...
The version of Don Robertson's "The Happy Whistler" used as the theme for WMT's "Dr. Max Show" in 1961. This is actually from an aircheck of the 1981 20th Anniversary broadcast.
Dr. Max himself opens the show today...
This clip starts with long-time channel 2 meteorologist Dave Towne teasing his 6pm forecast. Dave actually sat in front of Dr. Max's "Magic Board" chromakey screen, but the camera shot was too tight to show the set. Mombo guests hosts today, and starts by introducing a Popeye cartoon in "Spinichanora"...
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