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Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Friday, July 31 2009 19:32


...or, "How to make a splash with a new website." NBC just launched its new series of local websites--NBC Chicago, NBC Los Angeles, and so on. If you used a so-called "browser" like Internet Exploder, with Javascript enabled, you probably didn't notice too much. But, if you surf like I do, using Firefox with scripts disabled for new sites, you might have seen this:

I didn't even know that Chicago has topless beaches!

Well, it's obvious that the site had a small bug that let it display improperly if Javascript isn't enabled--you can tell because the "NBC Chicago" logo is cut off at the top by the "Register | Login" pane. But you do have to admit that it's interesting to see a Top 5 market O&O appearing to endorse public nudity. One would think that the NBC folks have a few other things to worry about right now, like making sure that the new Jay Leno show doesn't totally ruin the affiliates' late newscasts...

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