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"Faux News" Strikes Again Print E-mail
Written by Alan Kline (admin)   
Thursday, February 17 2011 11:24


Once again, we see Fox News, in its never-ending campaign to destroy journalism and a Democratic President, distort and mislead viewers on an issue. This time, it's high-speed rail. They've posted an online "calculator" which purports to compare the cost of the President's HSR proposal against an individual's income.

What they don't tell you is that the proposal, to spend $53 billion, is spread over a six-year period. So in order to get an accurate comparison, the "calculator" should compare six years of the individual's income. Of course, it doesn't. In my case, the answer given by the calculator was $86--not a bad number, compared to what the HSR proposal will provide. But if you divide that over 6 years, it's $14 per year--chump change! Most people wouldn't even notice if their Federal taxes went up or down by that amount.

A realistic "calculator" would have included not only the 6-year comparison, but would have offered a similar comparison between the individual's income and let's say...the defense budget. Naturally, the amount spent on the DOD would be so overwhelming it would make the HSR number seem insignificant. That's why Faux News won't show it to you--they're pushing a point of view, not journalism.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't waste my time on anything owned by Rupert Murdoch, but occasionally it's important to get the facts straight. Once again, in its quest to destroy anything proposed by Barack Obama, no matter how many jobs it would create or how much good it would do for the nation, Faux News is distorting the facts.

Remember..."Faux News--We Distort, You Decide"...

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