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Alan and Sharon Kline's website

Alan and Sharon Kline's website

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General History and Technology

General network and station histories that don't fit into one of our geographic categories...also, links connected to the history of broadcast technology...

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1   Link   www.oldradio.com
Barry Mishkind's archive of broadcast history, humor, technical tips, and much more... Many first-person narratives and station histories that you won't find anywhere else.
2   Link   Hallikainen's Manual Archive
Harold Hallikainen's "Saving History From the Dumpster" archive of broadcast-related equpment manuals and history articles.
3   Link   Early Radio History
Thomas White has provided a well-detailed, thorough history of early broadcast regulation, including answers to questions such as "Why do call letters start with K or W?" and much more...
4   Link   BBC-TV from Alexandra Palace
On the "other side of the pond" is a history of the early days of BBC Television from London's Alexandra Palace. The site also has a number of chapters about the BBC's Lime Grove studios.
5   Link   More from Ally Pally
More about early BBC TV
6   Link   BBC Broadcasting House in 1932
Going back even earlier into British broadcasting history is a fascinating website covering the BBC's famed Broadcasting House in London, as it was when it opened in 1932. Just don't look too closely at the picture of the statue over the front door...
7   Link   Old BBC Broadcasting Equipment and Memories
The same gentleman who presents the Broadcasting House website also offers this site, covering Old BBC Broadcasting Equipment and Memories...
8   Link   London TV studios
Another British site, this one providing a history of London television studios...I wish someone would do a website like this about American network studios...
9   Link   BBC Historical Document Archive
And since we've been speaking of the Beeb, here's a collection of historic technical documents from the BBC's Research and Development section...
10   Link   LabGuy's World
An interesting page devoted to restoration of a very early iconoscope camera...
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